Vichare Masala

In the year 1973, the two brothers, Shri Vasantrao B. Vichare and Shri Sureshrao B. Vichare had nurtured a dream, which they implemented by starting “Vichare Masalas” on a small scale. Today, due to their magnanimous and sincere efforts, their dreams have taken shape and “Vichare Masalas” have attained the status of one of the best brands among Indian spices. Our immense belief in the philosophy of ‘Reaching a Customer’s Heart through Quality’ has enabled us to spread the rich Indian heritage to millions of homes all over the globe. And that’s our pride. Indian food. The Indian way.

From a small-scale industry, it has evolved into a state-of-the-art industry. Absorbing technology, broad basing its products range and developing value added products; the factory contains all modern equipments for cleaning, roasting and packing. In addition to this, they possess a well equipped quality control laboratory of their own in order to test the quality of raw materials, blends, proportions and end products which are supervised at every stage. The company has an amazing infrastructure for sales, exports and production.

Many countries are behind our natural foods like Haldi to make their registered product, from that one can understand that what is the importance of our spices and spices products.

We pride in following qualities of our spices:

Name one Taste Diffrent

  • Clean
  • Pure
  • Tasty

Food is one of the three primary necessities of mankind and the excess or lack of this life support has led to the trade in food items, since time immemorial. India, with its diverse climatic conditions, supports the growth of a wide range of food items like rice, wheat, spices, pulses and other edible products.

Our aim to reach millions of kitchen can be achieved through customer’s love, trust and proper feedback for our products.

We, from India … the “Spice Land” Thank You …