SINCE 1973
Traditional Taste Of Indian Cuisine

South Indian recipes are favorite Breakfast and brunch of every Indian. We strive to make spices which create the magic in south Indian recipes. We try to make the spices which match the authentic taste of south Indian dishes all over the world.       


Half-cup red gram dal, 100 grams pumpkin, 100 grams ladies finger, 2 drum sticks, 2 Tomattoes, 2 pinches of turmeric powder, Lemon sized ball of tamarind, Jaggery, Few coriander leaves, Half tsp salt, 1 tbsp oil Half teaspoon mustard seeds Few curry leaves.

  1. Pressure cook dal with 3 cups of water to give 3 whistles till it turns soft. Mash slightly after pressure drops and keep it aside.

  2. Soak tamarind in half-cup water. Remove from flame and add half cup of water. Extract the juice. Add 1 more cup to the left over tamarind and mash well. Extract more juice. Keep aside.

  3. Put a heavy bottomed pan with 2 cups of water on the fire. Add the chopped vegetable, tamarind water, salt, a tiny piece of jaggery and turmeric powder and boil it. Keep covered on flame for 8-10 mins till the vegetables get cooked.
  1. Add cooked dal Cover and simmer the dal on low flame for 5 mins till everything blends well .

  2. Add I tsp "VICHARE SAMBHAR SPECIAL MASALA" and "VICHARE ASAFETIDA" (hing) powder. Keep on low flame for 2-3 mins.

  3. To temper, heat 1 tbsp oil in a small pan and add mustard seeds. When they splutter, add curry leaves. Remove from fire immediately and pour on the ready sambar.

  4. Garnish with coriander leaves.


Rawa 1 cup, Maida ½ cup, Rice Flour ½ cup, Salt to taste, Green Chillies 2, Ginger ½ piece, Cumin Seeds 1 tsp, Curry Leaves a sprig, Coriander Leaves 1 tbsp, Curd 1 tbsp, Oil 1½ tsp per dosa, VICHARE SAMBHAR.

  1. Soak rawa, maida, rice flour, salt, chillies, chopped ginger, cumin seeds, chopped curry & coriander leaves and curd in 500 ml. water, for 30 mins.

  2. Evenly heat a dosa tawa, smear it with oil, sprinkle water on it to check if it is hot. Pour cup batter on the hot tawa.

  3. With the back of the ladle spread the batter evenly & gently. Drizzle 1 tsp oil around the dosa and allow it to cook on a slow flame (3 or 4 mins) or till done.

  4. Serve hot with VICHARE SAMBHAR.


Oil & Ghee 2 tbsps, Cashewnuts 5, Mustard seeds 1 tsp, Urad dal 1 tsp, Channa dal 1 tsp, Asafoetida a pinch, Curry Leaves 10, Green Chillies 2, Rawa 200 gms, Salt to taste, Soda-bicarb ¼ tsp, Coriander Leaves 2 tbsps, Grated Fresh Coconut 2 tbsps, Fresh curd 500 gms, VICHARE SAMBHAR.

  1. Heat oil & ghee together, fry chopped cashewnuts to a golden brown. Set aside.

  2. Add mustard seeds, urad dal, chana dal, asafoetida, curry leaves & chopped green chillies.

  3. After it is well sauted, add rawa. Roast well on a low flame till done but not brown. Add salt, soda-bicarb, coriander leaves, grated coconut, salt and fried cashewnuts.

  4. Mix in beaten curd to make idli batter.Divide the batter between 12 greased IDLIS moulds. Boil water in a steamer/cooker, put the stand in the steamer and steam on high flame for 15/20 mins.

  5. Serve hot with VICHARE SAMBHAR.


Urad Dal 200 gms, Salt to taste, Oil for deep frying, VICHARE SAMBHAR.

  1. Wash urad dal and soak it overnight.
  2. Wash again, remove excess water & grind to a smooth paste in the mixer.
  3. Empty paste in a bowl, add salt and beat the batter well with a wire-whisk till light.
  4. Heat oil to smoking point, then reduce heat.
  5. Take some batter in a wet spoon, make a hole in the centre and gently slip the batter into the hot oil.
  6. Fry on a medium flame till golden brown.
  7. Serve either with VICHARE SAMBHAR or soaked in Rasam as Rasam Wada.